7 restaurants in Downtown Greenville tourists must try

By Madi Lynch

Downtown Greenville, South Carolina, is one of the fastest developing cities in the United States, and the restaurant scene exceeds all expectations.

As a Greenville native who has tried all of these, I can attest to the amazing range – from casual lunch places to fine dining – all along the beautiful Main Street and adjacent.

Here is a list of the places visitors can stop by for any culinary occasion.

Bon appetit! 


Soby’s is a Greenville staple. Located in the center of Main Street it truly is the heart and soul of Greenville fine dining. While newer upscale restaurants have emerged in recent years, Soby’s has continued to prove it’s a necessity to the community. The owners are good people and the seafood is spectacular. It is the perfect dinner reservation before catching a show at the Peace Center!

Sully’s Steamers

Sully’s Steamers is open early and closes after midnight for whenever you crave the best bagel sandwiches you can find in South Carolina! They are always slammed, but there’s never a wait. The young staff is known for being friendly and the bagels are known for being delicious. Truly the perfect casual experience any time of day. 

Antonino Bertolo’s Pizza & Wine Bar

The biggest slices of pizza downtown are found at Bertolo’s. More importantly is its baked ziti that you can assume is only rivaled in Italy. This place is the casual Italian experience on the east end of Main Street. The adjacent art exhibits also create an alluring atmosphere. Although there are a few other places of similar nature in the area, the food sets Bertolo’s apart. 

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey is Southern food done right. The biscuits and honey are worth every penny. This is the essential spot for a mimosa at brunch downtown. Although it is a bit pricey for brunch, if I had a friend coming into town this is where we’d end up at 11 a.m. on a Sunday without a doubt!

Trio- A Brick Oven Café

You want to get to Trio early for dinner to put your name in because they don’t take reservations! This place serves the best bread while you wait for your other courses. They have adorable decor with string lights inside and the lights are dimmed the perfect amount. Their pasta dishes are incredibly flavorful, and the chicken parms are always cooked perfectly.  

Coffee Underground

Coffee Underground is quite literally what the name says! A walk down a brick staircase leads you to Greenville’s coziest coffee shop. Seating options are couches and the kinds of chairs you’d expect in a living room. The Baristas do a phenomenal job no matter your order. Whether you need to study or to catch up with an old friend it’s the perfect location!

Tsunami is a locally owned sushi based asian place right down the street from #2. It’s appropriately priced and the best Asian food in the entire city. If you want sushi and you’re in Greenville this is the ultimate destination.


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