7 reasons you should be more organized

by Sarah Criswell****

Everyone strives to be the best version of themselves, but for some, it can be a life-long struggle to get there. People search for what to specifically change in their lives to be able to reach their goals, but it can be hard to achieve them while also maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. The first step in becoming your best self starts with being more organized. 

Although some may give credit to their “organized mess,” disorganization can hinder chances for growth, creativity and confidence without you even realizing. 

Still not convinced? 

Here are seven reasons why you should be more organized

Reduces stress

There is no denying the fact that living in a cluttered mess causes stress. It can make your life seem overwhelming since a lack of organization can lead to situations that cause high stress levels. There’s the frustration of trying to find lost items that seem to just disappear and all that time spent searching can make you late or unprepared. Being organized can eliminate these worries and free your mind for more important things in life. 

Saves time 

As you grow, you realize that time is precious. So why would you spend valuable time searching for things that could be so easy to find? You don’t have to be late, and you don’t need to go out and buy a new whatever. Organization gives you more time to focus on important projects or tasks throughout your day. 

Saves money 

Nothing is worse than thinking you lost something, having to spend money on buying a new one, and then finding it a week later. If everything has a place in your home, there will be no need to pay for duplicates of items just because you misplaced one. 

Being organized also allows you to spend less money on food. Having a meal plan or a cooking routine can save you money on take-out and at the grocery store. 

Organization doesn’t just save money, it can also make you money. Whether it’s keeping track of receipts for purchases you want to return or having the opportunity to sell your old stuff, being organized can potentially earn you big bucks. 

Increases productivity 

Living in a chronic state of disorganization can make you feel unmotivated. Having a routine or a plan gives you the opportunity to get things done without having to think twice about it. Clearing the clutter clears your mind and gives you the energy you need to get things done. A 2011 study at Princeton University found that people have a more difficult time focusing on tasks when they are surrounded by clutter. Being organized makes you more efficient, giving you more time to workout, cook dinner or catch up with friends. 

Boosts self-confidence 

When you are organized you have control over your life and feel good about yourself. You can easily find that outfit for your meeting, you can get things done on time and you can achieve your goals. Instead of thinking, “how did i lose this again?” or, “why can’t I get anything done?” you will automatically have a more positive mindset about yourself because you are able to feel proud of what you have accomplished, even if all you did was the laundry! 

Enhances creativity

When you declutter your surroundings, you declutter your mind. You gain clarity in both your physical and mental state. A 2010 study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that people who viewed their home as disorganized and cluttered were more likely to be depressed and fatigued. Having an organized lifestyle allows you to have a healthier mental state which makes you prepared for when creativity sparks because your physical world is able to support you. 

Improves relationships

When you are less stressed, more healthy and more productive, you enable yourself to be the best friend, sibling, spouse or coworker that you can be. You have more time and energy to spend with people who matter most to you, and you are more willing to spend quality time with them. And you never have to be embarrassed about the disorganized state of your home again! 

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