7 ways to stay busy during a global pandemic

by Mariam Amireh****

Are you bored out of your mind thinking of ways to keep busy while trying to dodge COVID-19? Do you feel like you’re going bonkers from being indoors longer than usual? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then this list will definitely come in handy.

Having extra free time provides a perfect opportunity to get busy and be creative! Read on to learn some fun ways to keep yourself entertained while trying to survive  a global pandemic on its second (third?) wave.

Adopt a pet and give it a pawdicure

Adopting a pet can provide companionship for people who find themselves alone and isolated during pandemic lockdowns. These isolations can have negative impacts on mental health. 

A recent study discovered that pet ownership reduces loneliness and improves mental health. Once you’ve adopted your dream pet, have some fun by giving it a pawdicure! This up and coming trend can lift your mood and help you bond with your new friend! 

Accomplish a goal

Most people have numerous goals they want to accomplish but haven’t found the time to fulfill them all. Leslie Riopel, a professor and author, has written about the benefits and importance of setting and accomplishing goals. 

“Setting goals not only motivates us, but can also improve our mental health and our level of personal and professional success,” she said. 

Whether it involves learning a new language or crocheting replicas of your grandma’s vintage sweaters, there’s no better time than now to invest in these aspirations!


Stay connected with social media

Whether an introvert or an extrovert, living through these unprecedented times can really put a damper on one’s overall mood. Melanie Greenberg, a psychologist and author, stresses the importance of social interaction in alleviating loneliness and depression.

“Many studies show the negative effects of loneliness on health and happiness,” she said. “Both introverts and extraverts were happier when they interacted socially than when they did not.”

To avoid these adverse effects, people should maintain some form of social interaction. But they must be smart about the way they interact with others during this time. 

One way to safely stay connected is through social media platforms. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter are some of the most popular platforms these days. 

Now is the perfect time to create an account and try one of them out. Social networks like these provide great ways to connect with people, share photos and stay informed. 

Practice culinary skills

Ever wonder what the secret ingredient was to your grandma’s famous pot roast? Well now is the time to figure that out! Experiment with different spices and cooking methods to see what made that meal a classic. 

Or better yet, try to make something new, like that famous dish in “Ratatouille.” And think of all the money you’d save by trying out coffee recipes instead of splurging on overpriced drinks at coffee shops?

Spending more time in the kitchen also makes it easier to eat healthier and ditch fast food and processed junk.

Repaint the kitchen

In case the culinary endeavor doesn’t go as planned, this next item can make amends! 

We’ve all ignited a kitchen fire at least once in our lives. It’s totally normal and certainly nothing to be ashamed about. The good news is that this gives you a chance to repaint those boring white walls in the kitchen (or what is now left of it).

Adding color to a drab kitchen can liven up and energize the room. While you’re at it, spice up the color of your cabinets. Different colors impact moods, so choose a color that aligns with how you’d like to feel. 

If looking for a calming aura, pink is the perfect color! No matter what color you choose, a kitchen makeover will provide a refreshing new look. It’ll also help conceal any mishaps that occurred during the perfection of those culinary skills!

Spend time in the great outdoors

Being inside for long periods of time can take a negative toll on mental and physical health. To avoid these issues, it’s important to go outside to get some exercise and a daily dose of vitamin D. Go for a refreshing walk and take in some fresh air and beautiful sounds of nature. 

Other good outdoor activities include biking, hiking and yoga. Invite a friend to sit in your backyard and blow bubbles or have a water balloon fight. 

If those options are a little too spontaneous for you, crack open a window and sit near it while reading a book or listening to some good music.

Plant an indoor garden

Who doesn’t enjoy inhaling fresh, crisp air from the comfort of their own home? A great way to do that is planting an indoor garden.

There are many benefits to investing time and energy cultivating cute little houseplants. And yes, I am referring to the legal kind.

If feeling stressed or overwhelmed, guiding a bit of energy to care for plants can be very therapeutic. 

Not only will you be able to see the efforts pay off as plants blossom, but the new scenery provides the perfect opportunity to reenact the scene from “The Sound of Music.” Surely that’s a scene everyone aspires to perfect! 

No matter which of these seven options you choose, keeping busy will go a long way in maintaining sanity during a global pandemic!

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