11 must-learn TikTok dances during Quarantine

This is how to make it as an elder ‘Zoomer’ in this quarantine.

Now that so many of us have extra downtime and need something to do, it’s way past time to get on TikTok – a Chinese app created in 2012 to inspire creativity – and start dancing. 

Or at the very least, you need to be following the popular app’s dancing queen, Addison Rae (@addisonrae) to see what this dancing craze is all about.

Although interest in the app has arguably been zoomer territory (younger Gen Z, ages 13-18), the COVID-19 quarantine has brought the app to a much broader audience.

As an elder “zoomer” myself (19-21) who has become a TikTok-er due to isolation, I think I can speak for most of my college-aged peers when I say our boredom has made us active users whether we wanted to or not.

It’s not enough to simply be on TikTok, however. We older zoomers must be good (if not great) at Tiktok, so I’ve listed the 11 TikToks trending right now to duplicate if you want to be cool with the kids.

After this point, all I can say is “good luck and please stretch before attempting.


The first on our list is easily higher up on the dance trend pyramid. 

Using the chorus of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage,” this 15-second dance has all the essential moves you’ll need to succeed in your future TikToks. 

We’re talking “the woah,” “throwing it back” and the essential “TikTok hip roll.” 

After learning this staple, honestly, the world of success is at your fingertips.  

Walked In

Newest to me, this dance takes the first verse of “walked in” by ultradiox in seemingly simple choreography.  

But be warned. Just because your 15-year-old neighbor learned it in an hour doesn’t mean you will. 

If you haven’t perfected your “woah” yet this quarantine, you will after learning this.


As an elder zoomer, I am sure you, like me, are finding yourself a little obsessed with BENEE this spring. 

“Glitter,” “Afterlife” and “Find an Island” are definitely other bops you’ll need in your Spotify toolbox this year, but “Supalonely” comes in at the top of the list.  

Lucky for you, TikTok has a super hip dance to it!  

Not only is it the cutest to do with your friends (in proper social distance please), but it also a great way to show off your new performance facial expression skills. 

They Call me Tiago

OK, so we’re gonna break it up a little bit because Tiagz’s “They Call me Tiago” isn’t really a dance at all.  

Although there are some people who opt to create a dance to it, users have incorporated this song into fashion, art and text videos! 

Have some fun with it, be serious or be artsy. 

Here’s some inspiration to get you going.

My Heart Went Oops

The second-most essential Tiagz song you’ll need to TikTok is his “My Heart Went Oops” remix. 

The most popular direction to take this is the “back-camera glo-up trend” – meaning  you’ll film the first half as a selfie but then flip the camera and film yourself with the back camera, flash and handy g6 filter–in an almost overly confident manner. 

The ultimate TikTok catfish if I’m honest. 

Over it” Chinese New Year Remix

JohnnyG’s “Chinese New Year Remix” has become the ultimate introvert dance. 

If introvert isn’t really your thing, don’t worry, there’s an extrovert option that’s gaining just as much popularity. 

You’ll see what I mean. 


Titled “paradiisedd” by creator Deedee (@paradiisedd), this original sound dance has beyond simple choreography but needs a lot of control to execute correctly.  

With the slo-motion replication beginning, you’ll really need to have your hip roll technique down to be able to fit in with our younger zoomers. 

This took me longer than I’ll admit to get correctly. 

Yike or die remix” @sydney

Another user-created remix, “yike or die remix” by @sydneybourne_ is what I imagine to be the Bourne movie vibe in a dance. 

Get ready for lots of pop movements and you better be able to throw it back at this point. 

Grab your (socially distanced or virtual) girl/guy gang and give it your best shot. 

Bottoms Up” 

Buckle up and get ready to get down with one of the quickest dances on this list.  

Imagine the roller coaster drop of TikTok dances and that’s this choreography. 

Of course it might not seem complex to the average highschool freshman, but as a college senior, I’m telling you, this took me three quarantine days to learn. 

Divine.spark, ”Movie Title Play on Words

Let’s hear it for some humor and creativity in @divine.spark’s play on words (movie title edition) to the tune of “lose control feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop” by Ciara and Missy Elliott. 

The goal is to pick a movie title and make a pun out of it, for example “harry when he finally becomes a potter,” and then add “I don’t know I never saw the movie.” 

It applies to books/games as well; my favorite is @owen_kelley10’s. 

Outta there” by moe

Lastly, get ready to polish up that transition technique in our last essential TikTok. 

This one is all about optical illusion, and the smoother you splice the video, the more successful it is.

 If transitions just aren’t your thing, though, stick with the original dance by @jeanvictorm. 

It hits all of those moves you’ve perfected by now and is easy to get into. 

At the end of the day, or quarantine I should say, there are many more top-level TikToks that will place you right among the young zoomers. 

Although these are just the ones I have seen most on the coveted “for your page,” from one elder zoomer to another, may all the views be in your favor this season.

by Martin Allison

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