Best burgers in Charleston (according to me)

As a self-proclaimed burger fanatic, I have made it my mission to rummage the Peninsula in hopes of finding the Lowcountry’s best burger.

I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few of these best burger lists, but the difference is that I’m not looking for something over the top. I like simple. I like classic.

And my list consists of only burgers that blend classic style with tons of flavor.  

Little Jack’s Tavern

It took me a while to finally get myself to this old school American tavern, but once I did my returns have been frequent. Looking at the menu, you might skew away from this particular burger due to its lack of accessories. With solely American cheese, griddled onion and tavern sauce, you wouldn’t expect much flavor. But like I said, I like simplicity. When you get a taste of this one, you’ll know exactly (if you didn’t before) what the phrase “less is more” means. Oh, and don’t forget Little Jack’s garlic and herb fries. 



Herd Provisions

Continuing with the simplicity theme, I recently stumbled upon Herd Provisions tucked away on Grove Street. But I must say, the hike is worth it. Doubling as a butcher shop, the restaurant offers grass-fed meats from owner Alec Bradford’s farm (in other words, you know you’re getting quality meat). I ordered the “Herd” burger, which is topped with pickles, onion, iceberg lettuce, American cheese and dijonnaise. Are you noticing a pattern yet?, 


King Street Dispensary

Known for its drinks and live music, King Street Dispensary offers a local bar feel in the heart of rowdy King Street. Here you can get your classic pub food – from Smoked Chicken Nachos to Carolina Smoked Ribs to, of course, the Dispensary Burger. This burger offers a little more than the past two, including two bacon-crusted patties, American cheese, caramelized onions, and pickles on a brioche bun. The best part? The “special sauce.” Go on Wednesdays for $6 burgers with truffle fries.   



Blind Tiger Pub

Blind Tiger Pub and King Street Dispensary are like sisters. I’m serious. Both are part of the King Street Hospitality Group, so you’ll see some similarities in their burgers. Blind Tiger, however, offers a slightly different atmosphere being located on the toursity East Bay Street instead of hectic King. When ordering the “Pub Burger” here, you’ll get two patties, white American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and bacon jam on a sesame bun. And of course, the “special sauce.” I’m still trying to determine whether both these restaurants use the same sauce, which might take a few more burgers to finalize. 


Pub Fare

This burger can’t be found in a typical restaurant. Pub Fare is a pop-up at places like Kudu and Craft Beers and The Hold at Revelry. You can enjoy their delicious cheeseburgers that come with a double patty, onions, pickles, and special sauce, as well as a side of fries. This burger tends to be particularly filling, especially when paired with a cold beer. Plus, the concept of a “moving burger truck” is just pretty cool.



by Avery Gavornik



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