OPINION: Alex Rodriguez deserves a spot in the MLB Hall of Fame

If Major League Baseball were to end today, Alex Rodriguez should be in the Hall of Fame. 

But because of A-Rod’s known use of performance enhancing drugs, there’s an ongoing debate about whether he belongs in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

If you’re wondering, he does.

Rodriguez has made history with his performance in baseball. From 1994 to 2016, the third-baseman had over 600 home runs, more than 2,000 runs scored, more than 1,500 RBIs, 25 grand slams, and a .302 career batting average. 

In addition to Rodriguez’s astonishing statistics, he was a 14-time All-American, won three American League Most Valuable Player Awards, won 10 Silver Slugger Awards, and two Gold Glove Awards. 

On accomplishments, there is no question Rodriguez should be in the Hall of Fame.

But the use of PEDs is against MLB rules, and after being suspended for all of 2013 for admitting to using PEDs, A-Rod’s chances for being voted into the Hall of Fame have slimmed. 

But Rodriguez is worthy of the Hall of Fame regardless. 

Mr. May broke amazing statistical records that put baseball at a new level. The fact that he paid the price with a year of suspension and fan-based criticism after admitting to PEDs use should earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame.  

So why can’t a successful player who admitted to his mistake and was suspended for more than an entire season have the same opportunity. 

Luckily, Rodirguez is up for election 2021, allowing him to prove his right and earned spot to be honored on the wall of Cooperstown.

The steroid era in baseball was the ultimate shame for baseball players, coaches and fans.

The pressure on players to help the team win often pushed them to resort to substance that could make them more superhuman.

In an interview Jan. 23 with ESPN, Rodriguez admits what he had done was a huge mistake and he has paid huge penalties for it. “I pray everyday I get a chance to get in,” he said, “The Hall of Fame is the ultimate place.” 

When we close our eyes at the end of the day, we equally make mistakes we wish we never done. People in the limelights are held to a higher standard were forgiveness is cruel. 

Rodriguez has cheated in the game of baseball, just like many other major league athletes. For his name to be symbolically attached to steroids, over his success, is punishment enough. 

A choice he has made putting his career on the line will always follow him. A real athlete is one who is honest and can overcome his past mistakes. That is who Americans want in the Hall of Fame.

And that is why Rodriguez has proved  his rightful spot in the Hall of Fame.

by Ellen Guerra

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