7 things you need from Amazon

We all have an inner shopaholic, whether it is because we have had a couple of drinks or because we just want a little random enjoyment in your life, the answer is in this short list of items on Amazon that everyone should consider buying.

For those times that you could use a helping hand

Remember that time you needed help carrying that heavy box? Well here are the extra hands you need! They may not help you that much but perhaps they will provide the comic relief that you need to get the job done. Why give a high-five when you can give a high twenty-five. Point in 5 different directions at once with these nifty little purchases.


The last pillow you will ever need

This pillow is both frightening and amazing at the same time. There is no better conversation starter than a bed full of Nicolas Cage himself. They say the only thing better than one Nicolas Cage, is 8 Nicolas Cage’s. Think of all the amazing mornings you will have waking up to the Ghost Rider. They say if you listen closely you can hear the pillows whispering their plans to steal the Declaration of Independence!


For those days that you want to be a kangaroo

Why have these measly pockets when you can have the mega pocket. Now you can fit everything you can ever need in your pocket, whether it is a cat or a couple hundred lollipops, this pocket can handle it. Why carry one phone when you can carry a tablet. Now you can stop carrying around a backpack and start walking around with some real style.


The coin bank that will be in your dreams – and nightmares

This coin bank will make saving easy by utilizing all of today’s technological advancements in fear to make you save the most. Plus, think of all the extra time you will have when you can’t sleep. When you are tossing and turning you will at least know that you are becoming a great little saver. Sleep’s overrated, you can use the savings to pay for the coffee you will need.


The one thing you need but never knew you needed

Unicorn carpet. This one almost doesn’t need any explanation. Why wouldn’t you want one of these in every one of your rooms? These amazing carpets almost make it easy to believe you live in a world where unicorns exist. Next, come the matching curtains! This is also the perfect gift for someone who hates unicorns, seeing one every day will help get them to understand the beauty of these mystical creatures.


To distract you while writing essays

Why buy a box of BIC pens when you can buy some BEC pens? Get a great price on pens that will make you laugh every time you zone out and end up reading the words on the pens. Don’t worry, the ink works just the same. For a small price, you can carry around unique pens that no one else will have. Why not buy 100 mislabeled pens?


Business in the front, party in the back

They say fashion has cycles; well it’s time for this one to come back! Nothing quite says you know how to have a fun time like a proper mullet. That’s why this headband is the perfect item to add to your wish list. Whether it is for business or pleasure, this headband doesn’t disappoint. Think about all the fun you can have convincing your family that this is your new hairstyle.

by Matt Stephenson



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