Charleston’s 17 most-Instagrammable restaurants

Instagram has become a platform to share not only pictures of your friends, but also aesthetically pleasing cuisine.

Everything from pasta to ice cream can get thousands of likes, if you go to the right restaurants.

If you are stuck eating leftovers at home again, hop on Instagram and live vicariously through others.

Do not forget: it is all about those angles. If you ever see someone standing on their chair looking down at their food, you can thank Instagram.

So if you are a self-proclaimed foodie who has taken his/her passion to Instagram, this list is for you.


Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts 

This doughnut shop’s vibrant and creative-flavored treats make taking a picture for Instagram irresistible. And the brightly-colored doughnuts make for the perfect pop of color on your newsfeed.


Xiao Bao Biscuit

If you are looking for trendy and tasty Asian dishes, look no further than Xiao Bao Biscuit.  Its creative take on traditional dishes is intriguing and guaranteed to do well on the Gram.



Your Instagram page needs to include a picture of Husk’s Kentuckyaki Glazed Pig Ear Wrap, even Food Network agrees! Even the dishes they serve your food in are picture-worthy.


Basic Kitchen

The name begs you to be basic and post a picture of your healthy dish. The gorgeous colors of all the fresh ingredients will light up your feed.


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Everyone needs an ice cream cone on his/her timeline, and you cannot go wrong with Jeni’s inventive flavor combinations. Take your cone out the door and snap a picture on King to really ensure you get the likes!


Ristorante Juliet

Why go to Italy when you can post a picture of Ristorante Juliet’s authentic pasta and just let everyone think you are on vacation? The big bowl of pasta will make mouths water in jealousy.


5 Church

Not only will you want to take a picture of the food, the renovated church setting of 5 Church is something you will also want to document. I assure you, the food will be just as stunning as the restaurant itself.


Grace and Grit

This Southern cafe offers grit flights that are sure to get many likes on social media. How can someone pass on liking a picture of blueberry, pimento cheese and gouda grits?



Not only did O-Ku earn the “Best Japanese Food in Charleston”, its cocktails are picture perfect. Who would not take a picture of their drink if it had a flower in it?


Taco Boy


Taco Boy’s outside patio invites social media influencers and families alike to come and enjoy delicious Mexican food among a fun atmosphere . Your taco will look great among all the string lights, trust me.


The Harbinger Cafe and Bakery


This is the perfect place to enjoy avocado toast while editing your latest Instagram picture. Eater Charleston agrees. Not to mention, the simplicity of all their dishes is aesthetically pleasing.



An acai bowl from Huriyali is one of the most beautiful pictures to appear on your timeline, trust me.


167 Raw

Whether you are a seafood enthusiast or not, a glass of rosé while waiting outside of 167 Raw is still aesthetically pleasing. There is just something about a glass of pink wine against a white wall.



This is the place to go if you want to get boba tea, sushi and shaved ice all in one glorious picture. Post a picture of all three in one shot, and your phone will be going crazy all night.


Butcher and Bee

Known for its mezze plates and cocktails, Butcher and Bee is an Instagram account you just have to see for yourself. The vibrant colors of the food against its simple dishes begs for a like.


Vicious Biscuit

People are waiting in massive lines to try a biscuit the size of their heads from Vicious Biscuit. Your followers have never seen a biscuit this big!



Finally, who could say “no” to liking a picture of decadent desserts from Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe? Have you seen their cakes before?


by Madison Sherman


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