9 healthy foods to eat in fall weather

Thanksgiving might be a time for indulgence, but no one should be indulging for the entire season.

Most people gain up to 5 pounds this time of year.

What they don’t know is there are actually many healthy foods that thrive during the fall – and are still really tasty.


Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and high in antioxidants known as beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A once consumed



This is the perfect time of year for a sweet and crisp apple! Apples are not only delicious but are known to be heart-healthy and good for weight loss.



Cranberries have more health benefits than most people know. They can improve digestion, reduce cholesterol, boost your immune system and help to prevent gum disease. Cranberries can also be incorporated into many of your favorite dishes like oatmeal and turkey sandwiches.



Even if you aren’t a fan of the PSL there are still so many ways to enjoy this immunity boosting treat. The most popular pumpkin recipes are for sweets, but you can usually find a pretty good pumpkin curry recipe if you look hard enough.



Kylie Jenner isn’t the only one obsessed with pomegranates! It’s hard not to love this tangy fruit. Pomegranate helps prevent Alzheimer’s and arthritis. It’s also an anti-inflammatory.


Brussel Sprouts

Hear me out. When made by talented hands, these bitter veggies can actually taste good. They’re also a great source of iron! Try them with your favorite sauce and see what you think.



Pears are super delicious and loaded with fiber. They’re like apple’s more interesting and well-read cousin who went to Europe last summer.




If you’ve never had cauliflower mash, you haven’t lived. It tastes like mashed potatoes, but it’s got all the health benefits of cauliflower.



Turnips have loads of vitamins and minerals! Most people haven’t even tried turnips, but they’re actually quite delicious. Turnips can be used for making a variety of dishes like hummus, soup and even latkes.


by Tallie McAlhaney

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