15 ways you know you’re a New Yorker

Let’s face it, nothing beats being from New York City.

It’s the city that never sleeps, the concrete jungle, the city of dreams. From the best bagels to the newest fashion trends, there is no city quite like it.

That being said, the fast-paced environment can make it an intimidating place – unless you are actually from the Big Apple.

Here are 15 ways to tell if you are a TRUE New Yorker:

You feel a sense of pride when Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind comes on.

There is a feeling of fulfillment each and every New Yorker understands when Alicia Keys and Jay-Z belt the famous lyrics of Empire State of Mind:

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…There’s nothin’ you can’t do…Now you’re in New York.”


Bagels from any other state are extremely questionable.

Contrary to popular belief, the rumors are true. New York bagels really are the best.

Harold McGee of “On Food and Cooking,” explains that the water in New York has low concentrations of calcium and magnesium, which makes the consistency and texture softer.


Black and grey make up your entire wardrobe.

Colors and prints aren’t socially acceptable…especially after October.

Nobody has figured out the science behind why colors aren’t a huge part of New Yorkers’ wardrobes; it is just something you know.


Your blood boils when people walk slowly on a sidewalk.

Walking slowly is not an option for you, even if you’re in another city.  


And don’t get us started on people who wait for the lights to change to cross the street.

“You can cross…it will be fine. There are no cars coming. Nobody will hit you.”


The New York Times is one of your go-tos.

Somebody is either still reading the NYT in newspaper form, the person next to you is on the NYT app, or your grandpa sent you an article from four weeks ago.

Times Square is a place you stay away from…at almost all costs.

©lovis ostenrik

There is nothing worse than 4,000 tourists and ultra cheesy lights when you’re trying to get home from a long day.


Mice > roaches…any day.

The mice running below the subway track actually start to seem cute…eventually.


People in other cities pay the same rent for a 3BR as you pay for your closet.

When you walk into a friend’s apartment in another city, you can’t help but comment on all the space they have.



The subway is your best and worst friend – and sometimes you even forget how dirty it is.

Whether it is the gratification of perfectly swiping your Metrocard during rush hour or people obnoxiously breakdancing in the middle of your subway car, the Subway is 99.9 percent the easiest way to get around.

You hope one day you’ll be cool enough to be featured on HONY.

Every New Yorker’s dream – to run into the Humans of New York photographer. There’s nothing cooler than HONY making you realize how many interesting people there are in this amazing city.


Seamless and Postmates are lifesavers, despite every cuisine ever is within three blocks.

Sometimes it’s just too hard to decide what to eat…or go down six flights of stairs in your apartment building with no elevator.


You laugh when people say “New Yorkers are so aggressive.”

It’s either way too hot or freezing cold. You have 10 places to be, have to get downtown in 30 minutes and are surrounded by 200 people. Aggressive is the only way to get anywhere.

Multitasking is your first language.

You can talk on the phone, walk, eat and hail a cab all at the same time.


“Hey, let me get a …” is a perfectly polite way to order breakfast.

Especially when it’s a bacon, egg and cheese with hashbrowns and hot sauce on an “Everything” bagel.


by Hannah Sofer

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