5 reasons you should start watching ‘Outlander’

It is easy to scroll endlessly through Amazon Prime looking for something interesting tp watch until you come across “Outlander”and instantly realize your search is over.

The series follows Claire Randall and her time travel back to the 18th century in Scotland, where she meets Jamie Fraser and the two begin an action-packed adventure filled with romance and drama while featuring a raw and violent Scotland.

With the release of Season 4 this month, start binge-watching “Outlander” right now to catch up on its latest seasons.


Everything you’ve been looking for in a romance

The first season focuses on the juicy romance between the two main characters, Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser.

Claire and Jamie have some of the best chemistry on and off set, which makes for a very believable love story between the two characters.

The series shows many steamy sex scenes followed by heartbreak , leading to an incredible love story that will always leave you wanting more.


Facts, not fantasy

Since Claire time-travels from the future, she is destined in Season 2 to stop the Battle of Culloden, the epic 1700s battle that wipes out the highlanders.

But Claire and Jamie are reluctant to change the course of history, so Jamie leads his clan into a battle for the ages.

In the midst of telling a fictional story about Claire and Jamie, “Outlander” accurately depicts the historical battle, reliving every fight, every mistake by the generals and every hardship of the soldiers.

Although the highlight is the drama between people, the show offers a unique look back on history.


Adventure that won’t end

Every season of “Outlander” offers a new country or adventure that Claire and Jamie are going to embark.

The first season explores the highlands of Scotland while Season 2 starts in Paris.

The third season begins with time travel and lands the two heroes back in Scotland for a brief time before sailing to Jamaica.

“Outlander” shows beautiful views from each country and embraces each culture as the adventure continues.


The theme song is perfect

You can always remember a show by its theme song, and Outlander’s is created specifically to match each season’s theme and host country.

In Season 1, “Outlander” plays the theme song in Gallic and shows sites all throughout the highlands of Scotland.

The theme song for Season 2 reflects the culture with a French song while showing sites of Paris.

The Jamaican theme of Season 3 features the Caribbean landscape and reggae tunes.


Two words: Jamie Fraser.

We all know the real reason us ladies are watching the show – Jamie Fraser.

The accent, red hair, boyish manly-man are but only a few reasons why “Outlander” is a must-watch.


Along with having good looks, Jamie is sweet, vulnerable and every woman’s perfect man.

If you didn’t think it could get any better, keep watching, Jamie has his shirt off 95 percent of the time.


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