7 reasons to set sail for your next vacation

Travelers are falling into a mundane trap when planning vacations to cliché destinations that are picked out of familiarity.

It is tempting to let the popularity of stereotypical vacation destinations lure you into a mediocre break from reality while making you feel like you are getting a bang for your buck.

Most are unaware that the annual family-friendly week at Disney World or wild bachelor weekend in Las Vegas can be topped with half of the planning, effort and cost.

Cruises are the ideal way to explore destinations that deviate from the norm while also getting some R&R by the pool between rounds to the buffet and casino.

These trips on ships have even more than is offered in your routine vacation, plus the added bonus of leaving your worries on land while sailing the ocean blue to paradise.

If the idea of upgrading your travel experience still makes you cringe, sail through these reasons why cruises will have you saying, “Bon voyage!” to your previous vacation vices.


Won’t break the bank

Cruising to Cozumel, Mexico, or basking in the Bahamian sun will only cost you $45 per night on select ships.

This price is equivalent to that of a cheap motel, yet it also includes food, drinks,and all on-ship amenities.

Setting sail for such a low price is a steal, as the services and experiences are unmatched by those on land.


No boredom on board

The list of activities, events and entertainment seems infinite while on a cruise, and covering all of the bases is nearly impossible.

Royal Caribbean’s “Freedom of the Seas” features a rock climbing wall, a surf-simulating machine called the FlowRider, a sports court, multiple sun decks and pools, a night club, a large casino, a schedule for the Kid’s Club, plus comedians, musicians and magicians performing in shows every night.

Every passenger has his/her own ideal vacation, and it is up to the passenger to choose how involved to be.

Tanning by the pool for seven days with a Corona in hand is just as acceptable as competing in the table-tennis tournament and playing mini-golf for hours.


One of safest forms of travel

Pause “Titanic” for a second and think realistically about the size and safety of the modern-day cruise ship.

These ships weigh up to 226,963 tons and can carry a small city’s worth of human beings, so the ship itself will rarely fail you.

Each ship carries at least one doctor and two nurses on board, along with a full security team of former police officers.

Security checks are performed on every person embarking on the ship as well.


Endless food and drink

Prepare to add a notch on that belt loop and start hydrating now.

The Carnival Breeze’s included dining options consists of BlueIguana Cantina, Guy’s Burger Joint, Dining Room, Lido Restaurant, Pizza Pirate, and Swirls.

Grabbing an ice cream cone, a slice, and finishing up with a formal three-course meal is entirely possible, and even suggested.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink packages are offered for a set price depending on what you’re looking for.

Take a tequila shot at 11 a.m. and sip on as many margaritas as you can all night long to get your money’s worth.


More than one stop on the itinerary

Why travel to one tropical destination when you can visit four?

Most cruising vacations make more than one stop during the trip, despite having to only pack for one.

Norweigan Cruise Line offers trips from Miami to Jamaica, Mexico and then to the Bahamas.

That’s quite a few destinations to check off the bucket list.


Ports all over the United States

Don’t get stuck next to the screaming baby on the plane. Don’t get stuck on a plane at all.

Many cruise ports are just a few states away, or might even be right in your neighborhood.

16 ports are located in the United States for major cruise lines, with the closest being right here in Charleston, S.C.

Airfare hikes up the price of any vacation, and these easy-to-access, convenient ports are stationed all over the country.


Custom cruise for everyone

Celebrate your child’s 10th birthday or your grandpa’s 80th while on a cruise.

Cruise types vary and are broken down to adventure cruises, Christmas cruises, classic cruises, contemporary cruises, family cruises, LGBT cruises, singles cruises, river cruises, luxury cruises, and more.

Cruises are perfect for any celebration or traveler, even those with a specific trip in mind.


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