4 things NOT to do at the library

Tests, papers and projects, oh my!

School is back in session, and it’s time to get serious about those studies, so where better to concentrate than the library?

If you do not know how to conduct yourself in public places of learning, you should brush up on these general rules of library etiquette.

One thing that is definitely important to people in a library is having a space that is quiet.

“I need to be able to totally zone out. No noise, no distractions. The only place I can do that is on the third floor of Addlestone in one of the private study rooms,” says Mckenzie Anderson, a senior at the College of Charleston.

Once you do decide to enter these hallowed halls, trust those of us who spend more time than most in this sacred learning space for some tips on what to avoid.


by Elizabeth Tedescoe



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