Where to eat when you’ve had too much to drink

When in Rome, “do as the Romans do.” Or in my case, “when at the College of Charleston do as the college students do.”

By this, I’m mostly talking about the typical drunken college experience, which involves going out any night of the week you’d like and after consuming a necessary amount of alcohol, stuffing your face with greasy, delicious and cheap food.

There’s no room in your wallet for a $10 plate of sushi, but luckily in Charleston there are a lot of options at 3 a.m. (#sorrynotsorry).

Here are several relatively cheap places to eat downtown when you’ve had a little too much to drink and need to “walk/eat” it off.

Sabatino’s Pizza

Now if you’re truly looking for some really good greasy food, go to Sabatino’s Pizza. Not only is it good because it’s Italian, but it also can cure your hangover ails quicker, thanks to the pizza grease.

A.C.’s Bar and Grill

The benefit to eating at A.C.’s is that you can eat great food where you are drinking and don’t have to go somewhere else. So order some food and a round of Crown, then let your drink wash your food down.

Jimmy John’s

This is good cheap food with speedy service. The best part about Jimmy John’s is that you can yell “make me a sandwich” and they’ll do it. Much respect to those men and women who make food for those who have been drinking and are fighting hunger afterwards. Thank you for your services.

Kickin Chicken

Go to Kickin Chicken when you’re hungry and wanting some really good chicken wings. But bring a mint because your breath will be “kicken.”


A great place to go when you’re hungry for sweets, Kaminsky’s has tons of treats plus coffee, which could help wake you up enough to walk all the way back home.

Honorable mention – Taco Boy/ Juanita Greenberg’s Nacho Royale

When you’re feeling good after drinking some Quervo and you start to get hungry, Taco Boy and Juanita’s are two great Mexican places to eat cheap. Taco Boy is only open until 11p.m. however, which is about the time many people start heading to a different bar so this makes this list only as an honorable mention.


by Cara Heissenbuttle


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