Five best retro-style surfboards still in production  

Surfboards have evolved drastically over the years, but the classics still exist, and for those who have that throwback nostalgia, one of these five boards will be the perfect fit for you!

California Square Tail

Surfing Malibu Beach in the 70s, you’d be sure to see a few square tails in the lineup, and not much has changed from then to now.

This stylish board allows the rider to not only be expressive, but to also get on the nose long enough to take a little cat nap, before carving back into the curl.

The California square tail is a staple surfboard for anyone who loves a classic nose rider.

A perfect example of this board is Bing Surfboards model.


Pintail Longboard

The pintail surfboards were a classic surfboard for the larger waves. The pulled-in tail allowed surfers to have little resistance and hold at the back of their board, which in return created greater speed and maximum control when cruising down the face of a giant at Waimea Bay.

This board was later transformed into shorter styles that now are the perfect fit for any large wave rider, or anyone looking to get covered up at Pipeline!

You can read more about the pintail here.


 Retro Fish

For someone who wants to break the mold of the longboard, still have the graceful riding style, but get a little more vertical capability, then a retro style fish is perfect.

In the 70s, board shapers began to design more creative and unique shapes, and from that creativity came the twin fin fish surfboard.

A wide nose, with a pulled-in split tail will be a standout in any lineup, whether it’s on the “Gold Coast” or cruising on the perfect waves of Byron Bay.

You can read a little about the creation of the fish here.


Six ft. Single Fin

If you’re currently listening to some old school rock music in a basement, dreaming of 9ft. Huntington beach, then a 6ft. single fin is for you.

The creation of mid length single fins date way back.

Surfers dreamed of keeping a single fin, but having a shorter board, with less volume that they would be able to have a bit more control of.

So grab your tie-dye shirt, throw on your bandana, and grab a mid-length single fin!



The tri-fin surfboard is the most modern of this list. Being the first boards to have three fins, the popular tri-fin became a classic in the 80s, and is the most popular today.

The original tri-fin boards were loaded with volume. It was a breeze to glide into a wave or paddle out because of the thickness of these boards.

The performance of these boards was much higher than anything else many of the surfers had seen before, and it gave them a whole new riding style, and eventually created a whole new era of surfing.

Many of the pros like John John, or Slater all ride thruster set ups in all of their contest today, however these are much more performance based.

If you’re looking for style, glide and aggressive riding style, then a retro tri fin is perfect for you!

In case you have a hard time finding one still in production, check out Joel Tudors model.


by Tristin Poole

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