The ‘madness’ of March Madness is filling out the bracket

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament has come and gone for 2017 with a perennial favorite North Carolina Tarheels team taking the crown in a final run that made for another exhilarating tournament.

But Mike Pesca, a basketball commentator, thinks the reputation of March Madness  has more to do with the bracket than the actual game, with very few caring as much about basketball as they do their bracket.

Millions fill out the bracket both just for fun with family and friends as well as to try and win the grand prize offered by many sports outlets.

But filling  out the bracket can be overwhelming especially if you don’t keep up with basketball and have no idea where teams stand with each other.

So here’s a guide for next year to getting the best bracket possible, even if you have no idea what you are doing.

by Brette Driesell


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