4 things to keep on hand if you live in an old Charleston home

One of the great things about living off campus in Charleston is that students don’t typically live in the average apartment complex but instead will live in old Charleston-style homes that have been renovated and turned into apartments.

Students can spend weeks looking for the right place that’s in the right location, for the right price and hoping that they end up in one that has a washer/dryer and maybe even a dishwasher.

The homes have all of these fun quirks like turning a two bedroom into a three bedroom by putting someone in the dining room, having a fireplace in almost every room of the house and floors that always seem to have a slant.

There are a few things the landlord doesn’t tell you when you’re signing the lease to one of these awesome houses, so here’s a list of things to have on hand when you move in.

by Ashlynne Weagraff

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