5 drugs you should know – so you won’t use

Understand the consequences of drugs before you ever get tempted to use them, so you are not the one being rushed to the hospital.

Get the facts and share them with friends, family members and siblings because we all know someone who needs to be informed.

Just remember, you can save a life.

Ecstasy and Molly


You’re at a music festival, and everyone around you is having an out of this world experience because of the mind-altering, energy-boosting synthetic drug, ecstasy. Your friend starts to experience anxiety, and is showing signs of heightened aggression.

After your friend tells you he popped a molly and is sweating, and tells you he is having a loss of vision, you realize your friend needs to be rushed to the hospital. You find out his dosage was mixed with other dangerous drugs that was unaware to any buyer.

Bringing your friend to the hospital might have been scary, but at least he was seen before the drug lead to his liver, kidney or heart failing.




We have all been in a position where we want to have more self-confidence, heighten our mood and have more energy, and what better way to do that than the euphoric experience of being high off of Cocaine.

Sure, it sounds appealing, and ‘one time won’t hurt you’, but it is highly addictive. Your one time use may turn into a lifetime relying on a drug that can cause irregular heartbeats, restlessness, paranoia and a lack of a diet, even from just one use.

Remember, an overdose is easy to come by and causes life altering heart attacks, strokes and seizures. Be careful because the only way to treat addiction is through therapy.




If you have ever seen Breaking Bad, you understand Meth can be extremely addictive, causing hallucinations, confusion and insomnia, but can only be created by master chemists dying from cancer named Walter White.

Ironically, meth causes psychological, medical and social problems, which are traits often seen in White.

You can take meth several ways, through the mouth, snorted or secretly put into water. Don’t be one of the 12 million people who have tried meth at least once in their life.




Ever want to feel like everything in your life is perfect, that you could have everything you want while also being high for only $10? Heroin makes you live the life you think you want with only minimal side effects of dry mouth, drowsiness and heavy limbs.

Don’t forget about suffering from hepatitis, heart infections, facing miscarriages, having liver or kidney disease and even catching pneumonia, it’s great.

It is cheap, easily available and fun.

But is it all worth it when it’s also likely to be mixed with other drugs? Because you start to feel great on the drug, your life becomes dependent on staying high because you perceive life better that way.

Overdosing is also easy when you’re getting high off of a drug that is laced. It leads to a lack of oxygen to the brain which cause defects and a lot of the time, death.

A scary statistic from 2014 found that over one million people have tried heroin, and the United States is currently going through the worst heroin outbreak in history.

Stay informed, and don’t fall into the scam of cheap, euphoric drugs, it can cost you a life.




Have you ever thought of using a friends prescribed anxiety medicine, Xanax to get high? Many people get their hands on a supply of Xanax, and mix it with alcohol. This combination is widely popular amongst people in bars or parties attempting to get “messed up”.

The feeling of having two depressants can cause crazy euphoria because there are two elements reducing your functions, and can also be one of the most deadly combinations.

Effects of Xanax can happen quickly, and can last for hours causing disorientation, concentration problems, depression and fatigue.

Did you know that Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson and Whitney Huston each had signs of Xanax in their immune system after they were pronounced dead?

Yeah. So not good.


by Elaina Katsanos

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