Op-ed: It’s decision day – Clinton or Trump?



The battle for presidency is coming down to the wire, with the options between “corrupt” Hillary Clinton and “ignorant” Donald Trump for Election Day.

It seems obvious that the lesser of two evils is Clinton.

Clinton is the more qualified, rational and ethical candidate when compared to Trump.

As our former Secretary of State, she had many accomplishments not only while in public office but also in civilian life before serving as First Lady from 1992-2002.

Clinton has helped women’s rights, has been involved in working to improve healthcare and has been involved in human rights issues abroad.

The Trump campaign has not been shy about questioning Clinton’s accomplishments , highlighting mistakes, harping on the email scandal and questioning her role in the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

While Trump believes Clinton’s foreign policy plan is disastrous for Americans, her ideas will benefit both America and countries around the globe.

Clinton understands negotiating and keeping the peace. Trump bullies.

The American people have a “uuuggeee” decision to make today.

We must decide to whether we want a president who is qualified or an angry, failed businessman to lead this country.

The choice is in our hands – and it should be clear.

by Sarah Caro

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