7 things to know when living with college girls

by Kaylee Wolfe

There’s a common misconception that all girls live in a cleaner, healthier and an all-around better environment than boys. Though I’ll admit there are few exceptions, women are actually just as sloppy as men, especially in college. The first-time experience of living alone is one of the most exciting and disgusting times of one’s life. To correct some of the misconceptions of living with new people in a new place, here is a list of seven things to be aware of when living with college girls:

Dishes are never clean.
As hard as it is for some people to grasp, women hate doing dishes. Washing, drying or putting dishes away becomes a frequent roommate rivalry of who is responsible for the watered down mushy food in the sink.

Word of advice – paper and plastic utensils will be an essential for your kitchen.


Trash will never be taken out.
It’s a given that no one likes to touch trash, but absolutely no one wants to look at, much less touch, the toxic waste made from college girls. With more roommates comes more assumption that someone else will take out the trash. Reality is, each and every roommate would rather pile trash on top of a full trashcan than be the one to empty it out. This is not so much an effect of laziness, but a hazardous precaution that every roommate takes very seriously.


Walls are thin.
Every sound made in a house full of college women is amplified to an unnecessary volume even at extreme hours. The smartest investments one could make in his/her college career are earplugs and a white noise maker. Needless to say, don’t be surprised when Justin Bieber’s newest hit album is playing throughout the house at all hours of the night.


There are no secrets within the house.
Whether it’s stealing food or stealing boys, there are too many eyes and ears in the house for secrets. Each roommate will be exposed at some point or another, so it’s best to admit defeat when this happens. The best way to avoid this is to exercise self-control and respect each other enough to not break the urge of stealing food that isn’t yours.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.08.20 PM

Study time will often turn into wine time.
It is true – the library is the most productive place to get work done. Unless you have extreme self-control or an allergy to wine, do not plan on studying at home. It’s inevitable that what started as a 12-page paper will almost always end as an empty bottle of cheap wine from the closest corner store. If you value your grades more than you value your liver, go straight to the library when you need to be productive.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.07.37 PM

Valuable food must always stay locked up.
Living off minimum wage and monthly allowances from mom and dad can really take a toll on the important things in life, most importantly food. While ramen noodles and chips are often considered first come first serve, Oreos, easy mac, and frozen pizzas are valued as gold. With late night study sessions and lots of procrastination, it’s inevitable that at least one person in the house will always been hungry. As a result, each valuable food item will need to be on 24/7 surveillance. The best way to not wake up to and empty box of Oreos or a bare cabinet is to simply lock away the foods valued most.



These are the best years to remember.
Roommates share a unique bond that stems from borrowed clothes, shared recipes and pointless arguments about who left the light on. The friendships made throughout this experience make up for the lack of cleanliness around the house. Many important life events are made with your college roommates by your side. Respect each other’s boundaries, and get ready for many wild memories to come.



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