Three Do’s and Don’ts for holidays in New York City

by Jordan Jenkins

It’s Christmas time in the city! After spending copious amounts of money on hotel and travel expenses, you’ve finally made it and you’re ready to have a good time in the city that never sleeps. But in a city this big with this many options, where do you start? For the brave souls who plan to endure the hustle of crowds in NYC during the busiest time of the year, look no further. Here are the best ways to celebrate the holiday season in the Big Apple while avoiding the money-sucking clichés.

1.DO take a trip to see the Rockefeller Center tree
A trip to New York would not be complete without seeing one of the most iconic Christmas themed places in the world: Rockefeller center. Celebrating its 83rd annual lighting ceremony this year, Rockefeller Center is home to a breathtaking Christmas tree decorated with over 30,000 multi-colored lights.


2.DON’T go ice skating at Rockefeller Center
Your ambitious trip to NYC will be greatly regretted after waiting in hours of lines, paying absurd amounts of money, and intimately skating in a ridiculously small rink with 150 other people! And believe me, when I say intimate, I don’t mean in the romantic sense.


3. DO go to Radio City Music Hall and check out a show
The Christmas Spectacular show is a holiday tradition, featuring the famous Rockettes. It’s entertainment for the whole family!


4. DON’T limit yourself to the mainstream stuff. 
And you can also skip some of the famous shows such as the American Ballet Theatre’s version of The Nutcracker.


5. DO stop by Serendipity to satisfy your sweet tooth.
What better time to treat yourself than during the holiday season when eating good food becomes a sport? There will be no remorse after indulging in Serendipity’s frozen hot chocolate and sundaes bigger than your head. Warning: side effects may include food comas and sugar rushes.


6. DON’T skip walking by Fifth Avenue’s winter wonderland, even if it’s just to window shop.































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