Essentials for the best vacation ever

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Every girl needs to be prepared for a fun week of travel and adventure. But between all your pre-trip excitement and finishing up finals before internships and summer school, I know many of you have no time to properly prepare.

So to save you the hassle, here is a list of all the essentials you need for a successful and exciting vacation!


Stylish Hat

Everyone has different tastes for hats, but for me, a cute classic white fedora is the go-to for a tropical vacation. The color not only helps show off your bronzed face, but helps keep the sun out of your eyes!


The trend right now is the circular eye-shaped glasses, but for vacations, I always stick to aviators. Ray-Bans have such a broad selection, and I can guarantee they will do a great job blocking out the sun’s powerful rays.


Disposable Camera or GoPro

I do not trust myself bringing a nice quality camera on vacation, so instead I buy a cheap disposable camera or bring a GoPro.

I personally love disposable cameras because you never know how the pictures are going to turn out until you develop them, which makes it all the more fun.

GoPro waterproof cameras are with the hype now because these little gadgets can capture every bit of your trip and are very durable. So grab a GoPro before you take off and have fun snapping “pics” under water or jumping off boats.


Cute Swimsuit

An obvious essential to any beach-bound vacation is a bathing suit. When you are going to be in the sun all day and having fun frolicking around, you need to make sure you pick the perfect suit!

My favorite swimsuit websites are Victoria’s Secret, PacSun and Swell. But if you are in or near Charleston, check out Las Olas and Channels on King Street for a wide selection as well.


Fun Beach Bag

Every girl needs a good tote bag to carry those beach essentials like small accessories as well as a towel and a cute cover up.



These are a complete necessity for wandering around the resort or house outside and inside. “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” is taken quite seriously, so do not forget a lightweight pair of shoes like flip-flops to help you get served! For women, I love the Tkees Flip-flops because they are light, built to last and come in a million colors.


Hydration (for skin and body)

When you are in the sun all day drinking alcohol (if 21, of course), you cannot forget to keep hydrated. This is an absolute essential to any vacationer at a beach, so grab a glass of water with every drink you get or pack some water bottles!

Also, salty water, sun and lots of alcohol can dry up skin fastttt! So if you have some, or would like to buy a bottle before you leave, I highly recommend bringing a little moisturizing mist spray like Evian Mini Water Spray to help your skin stay healthy. Flying also dries out your skin, so I always spray a little while I am in the air. This little spray feels great too, so I use it almost too much.


Friends !!!

Last but not least, FRIENDS are the most vital essential to any vacation! Get a nice close group of pals and take off to somewhere tropical to enjoy a week of sun and fun!


 by Tina McNerney

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