10 ways to draw attention your beautiful red locks

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Redheads are a rare breed and God’s gift to the world. We are the first ones to get noticed in a crowded room, but in order to make sure we stay in the spotlight, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Keep it neutral

Unfortunately, us redheads cannot wear anything that is even slightly close to our hair color. Orange, red, and pink does not do us justice. If anything, these colors clash and bring out the red hues in our skin, which, lets be real, we already have enough of that.

Instead, we can rock neutrals, such as black, grey, white, brown, and olive green. These colors go against the red pigment in our skin and draws attention to what we want people to notice most: our hair!

Use your hair as an accessory.

When you have red hair, you already stand out. As a result, there is no need to go overboard with accessories. Instead, we can use our hair as the main accessory. For example, wear all black for a dramatic effect, and your hair will pop!

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Stick to gold, brown or dark green eye shadow and/or eyeliner

Do not, I repeat, do not wear pink eye shadow! The pink pigment in the eye shadow emphasizes the pinkness of our skin. Between our hair and sunburns, we are already pink enough!

An alternative? Gold, brown, or green eye shadow and/or eyeliner will do the trick. The gold compliments the golden undertones of red hair and (usually) green eyes. Therefore, this color will draw attention to our hair and our piercing eyes!

Deep condition your hair

This might be one of the most important points in the list. Between the amount of product, weather and heat damage, our hair can appear dull. Deep conditioner will revive the hair, stripping it of harsh chemicals, wind and heat damage.

Throw away the bronzer

The one thing, aside from our hair, people admire about redheads is our porcelain skin. Yes, tan is in, but porcelain never grows old. The paleness of our skin makes our hair and eyes appear more vibrant.

Instead of using bronzer, go for a highlighter, such as Benefit Cosmetics High Beam. Apply this to the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and brown bones to add some shimmer to your look.

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Wear brown and/or red lip color

When it comes to lip color, stay away from pink. Light to dark browns and deep reds stand out against our fair skin. In addition, these shades compliment the brown and gold tones in our hair.

Forget your eyeliner

As a redhead, eyeliner tends to appear harsh against our skin. To be honest, it looks like someone took a sharpie and drew under our eyes.

The solution? Double your eye shadow as eyeliner. Eye shadow is less harsh and makes it easy to create a soft, smoky effect.

Less is always more

As you can tell from the advice offered in this post, when it comes to redheads, more is less. Do not overdress, over accessorize, or “bake a cake” on your face. Redheads are lucky enough to have great hair and never ageing skin. Therefore, we need to do what we can to compliment these gifts, not hide them.

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Wear your hair down

Honestly, if we want to rock it, we have to flaunt it. Do not waste your time putting it up in a bun. Wear it down to let all admire the gift everyone envies.

Always wear confidence

The best advice I can give to redheads is to be confident. Many redheads, including myself, were teased because of our uniqueness. Today, we must be confident and reveal to everyone how proud we are to be that one percent of the world. At the end of the day, everyone is trying to dye his or her hair the natural color we already rock!

 by Jessica Morse

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