How the Philadelphia Eagles can address their quarterback situation this offseason

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The Eagles have several areas where they need to improve this offseason before they can consider a serious championship run.

As every Eagles fan knows, bolstering the defense, especially the secondary, is going to be a focus in both free agency and the draft.

But as offseason workouts start, it has become apparent that Chip Kelly has his eye on a new signal caller as well. The question is who? The Eagles have five QBs on the roster but none with great experience under their belts.

Here are a few options the Eagles may consider to address their quarterback situation.

Trade up to draft Mariota

This is probably the most discussed option by the talking heads of sports media. It may also be the sexiest option for fans who want a quick fix.

Mariota has great athleticism, an even better arm, and familiarity with Kelly. Acquiring him would come with a significant cost, however. To trade up high enough to ensure Eagles could get him would be difficult. Kelly would have to find a way to move up from the 20th to the 2nd pick which would also mean losing its ability to draft top talent for the depleted secondary.

Bring in a veteran

While this was certainly not the deepest free agent market at the quarter back position, there were still options available who could compete for the starting job and that’s why Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez were brought in. Other options include Matt Barkley, G.J. Kinne and Sam Bradford. While none is going to be surefire acquisition, they will nonetheless add depth to the position. Don’t forget, Eagles fans, how backup Jeff Garcia helped us to the playoffs back in 2007.

Draft a later-round quarterback and groom him

This is the defense’s first option. The Eagles may very well draft the best db available as well as add a top free agent defender. We need help at both safety and corner, so this may be the Eagles first priorities. If that is the case, we may see Chip try to groom a quarterback.

This makes sense for a couple reasons.

First, Kelly has yet to try his hand at developing a quarterback. Tom Brady is the obvious example of what can become of a late-round quarterback who has the right coaches around him. Some Draft options include Brett Hundley, Bryce Petty, and Garret Greyson.

Bring back McNabb

I still haven’t upgraded the poster in my room, and I miss seeing him grinning like a fool on our sidelines.

Besides, who could forget his infamous air guitar skills?

by Tyler Reigel

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