Calm down, you don’t have Ebola

This great nation has been plagued by a vicious disease that is taking the social lives away from many hard working Americans.

This disease is called hysteria

Ebola has been widespread in Africa over the last several months, infecting and killing the lives of thousands.

Lucky for us we live in America where a problem such as this is not going to turn into the pandemic it can elsewhere.

So if you and your parents are panicking about your flight home for the holidays, no need to worry. Here are a few reasons why you can calm down with the Ebola stress and take that flight without wearing rubber gloves.

It is actually very hard to become infected with Ebola.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, a person must come in contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids to even have the chance of exposure.

And in case you’re worried about flying home for the holidays, top Ebola experts at the CDC also say it’s all right to fly. Unless an infected passenger actually vomited or bled on another person, there is no reason to expect getting infected.

That being said…this is not necessary.

Kristin Furfaro, a College of Charleston student, doesn’t understand why people are so caught up in the hype over this.

“All the basic facts say that I am fine to fly home for the holidays,” she says.


Ebola is Not Airborne

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Unlike the common cold, Ebola is a disease in which one must come in contact with the bodily fluids of someone else with Ebola. This means someone could be sitting next to you and have Ebola, and you will not catch it.

Charleston resident Brian Harris says he sees no “immediate threat” to [his] day-to-day activities, and he’s right. So go to class, you don’t have Ebola.


Contracting Ebola Doesn’t Mean Automatic Death

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Even if you do come in contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is infected, our body’s natural response is to fight the infection.

This isn’t just for Ebola, it’s for all diseases.

The body’s one job is to stay alive, and that’s what it will do.

Still don’t believe me that you’re fine? Then take this quiz and calm down. Don’t let hysteria control your life.

You’re fine to take that flight home for break.


We live in America

Ebola is running rampant on a continent with lots of third world countries.

Many people in these countries distrust their governments and therefore refuse treatment, or these governments have no way to help their people, making it difficult to contain the deadly disease.

Lucky for us, we live in the United States where medical universities have the technology and government support to help control and contain an Ebola outbreak.

Dr. Kent Brantley was the first patient to fly from Africa to America while he was diagnosed with Ebola.

He was taken to the Emory University Hospital, which is equipped with a special isolation unit, where he was treated and cared for almost three weeks with round-the-clock care.


We have bigger problems to worry about

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There are many other diseases in Africa that are infecting its people that we should be much more worried about.

And in this country? While we may be dealing with a handful of patients who have the Ebola virus, America will have millions with the flu this year, tens of thousands of whom could die.

So wash your hands and get on the plane. You don’t have Ebola.

by Jessica Chapman





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