And the countdown begins…

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Elementary, junior high, high school, college… what?

With eight months left until graduation, the pressure is on. Seniors at the College of Charleston are preparing for the “real world.”

With different interests, talents, goals and passions, what are the options when it comes to life after college?

Although graduate school and starting a career right after college are both promising choices, it is important to remember that there are other options.

Some students desire to pursue higher education. Graduate school is a great opportunity for those interested in getting an advanced academic degree in a particular field of study.

Cecily McCray, director of recruitment communication and marketing for the graduate school at CofC, offers advice for those looking to attend graduate school after college.

“Graduate school is an investment because you are focusing and keying in on one specific area,” McCray says. “Make sure that it is what you really want to do.”

While graduate school may be for some, others are deciding to go into the workforce right after graduating.

Joshua Hall, a 2014 graduate of the College of Charleston, decided this option was best for him. He is now enjoying his job as a fifth-grade elementary school teacher.

The Career Center at the College of Charleston is helpful in preparing students for future careers.

They offer resume building workshops, practice interviews (both online and in the office), career fairs, internship fairs, and job search strategies to name but a few.

“Please do not wait until you are a senior to meet with the Career Center,” says internship coordinator Katie Smith. “We have resources and can help guide you at any stage/year at the College of Charleston.”

There are international opportunities for jobs, mission work, and volunteer work. Students may be looking into programs such as Teach for America or Peace Corps.

Not everyone has it figured out. That’s OK. Find your passion, find your niche and then go for it.

Whether it’s pursuing higher education, traveling the world or starting a career. There is something for everybody.

There are so many opportunities after college. Take the time to find out what you want. Do the research. Make some goals then get started.

The time is now.

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