6 profs you’re guaranteed to have in college

We all have them.

You know, the professors who make you stop and question your sanity.

The disorganized mess you see running to class, spilling hot coffee all over his/her wrinkled shirt.

The ones who make you share more about your personal life than desired.

Yeah that’s right. I can see you laughing. You know it’s true.

Here are six of the stereotypical professor types I guarantee you will have at some point in your college career.

Oh, and please take this lightly. Trust me, there are some pretty awesome ones out there as well.


The Cocky Author

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I have only come across this twice but both experiences have been the same.

You always, I mean ALWAYS, have to buy the book. They act like their writing is the Bible.

Don’t in any way comment on it, or I guarantee they won’t let you live it down.


The Foreigner

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I had a history professor who could barely speak English.

It seems impossible this could happen, but I left the class everyday with my notes scribbled in chicken scratch.

The answer to passing? Find a study buddy.

Becca Bellino, a senior at the College of Charleston has experienced this a few times.

“I had to meet with a study group each week in order to understand what was remotely going on in class,” she said.


The PowerPoint Professional

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I can go on and on about this one for days. These are the professors who read DIRECTLY from the slides the whole class period.

Not to mention they are posted online, so you may start to see a decline in attendance by the third week.

Hang in there though because their tests are generally direct versions of their Power Points.


The Humiliating Chatterbox

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These professors not only love to listen, but they absolutely love to talk.

They enjoy it so much that they will embarrassingly call you out if you don’t speak up in class discussions.

“Make sure you come prepared in every way possible,” says Emily Knopf, a senior at the College of Charleston.


The “I don’t give a sh*t how you pass” Professor

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They don’t want to spend any more time with you than they have to.

You either have no exams, a take home exam, or the famous Scantron.

Hey, if you like a light work load, these are the professors for you.


The Impossible A

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Don’t take impossible lightly.

Your friends have taken the professor and might still be in his or her class for a second go-round.

CAUTION: They usually begin their first day by telling the class, “I have never given anyone an A…”


Chances are that you have already encountered at least one of these types of professors so far.

If you haven’t, then here’s to meeting your future professors.

What are your tips on how to deal with the craziness of these professors?


– by Sarah Ray

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