Mother of CofC student who died at intersection takes action

– by Jillian Cunningham

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During a Cistern break between classes, a woman with a stack of papers approached me and asked if I had a moment of my time to listen to her.

Normally, I look at my feet, walk fast and try to avoid any solicitation or conversation with groups promoting something on the Cougar Mall.

This time I’m glad I stopped to listen.

She introduced herself as Lynnette Ranz. Her daughter Lindsey Ranz, a College of Charleston student, died a few months ago  after being hit by a pickup truck at the Crosstown intersection near I-26.

She was the second person to be killed while crossing this intersection.

Ranz handed me a flyer with a beautiful picture of her late daughter.  Under the picture was an outlined plan to construct a safer crosswalk for this dangerous intersection.

“I can’t believe the city hasn’t done anything about this. The crosswalk coming from Line Street is of little to no help,” says Chloe Plunkett, CofC junior.

It’s a clear problem in our community that has been largely ignored, but thanks to a dedicated mom and social media, there’s a chance for change.

Ranz urged me to sign a petition located online that calls for an overpass crosswalk for pedestrians at the Crosstown.

I did not know Lindsey personally, but this directly affects most Charleston locals and many CofC students. I promptly logged on to the website after class and signed the petition.

It took only two minutes.

“It’s a start, and I’m appreciative of that. It’s a good start,” Ranz told the Post & Courier of her petition. Still, she believes cars drive by too fast and many motorists run the red light.

Currently, the petition has had a total reach of 1,510 people, and sharing this information on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has gained significant attention.

After you read this, don’t text someone, don’t post some celebrity’s silly Tweet.

Instead, go to the petition right now and sign it too.

You won’t even have to stop by a Cougar Mall table on your way to class.

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